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Pixel Perfect

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Laguna Madre area artist Richard Schmidt enjoys creating digital art with a computer. The technology allows corrections and experimentation, he said. (Carl Phillips / Island Breeze)

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Island Breeze

Richard Schmidt and his family were in Germany when World War II broke out, and they were interned for the duration of the war, he said.

“It wasn’t too bad,” he said. “My father got a job right away working for Volkswagen.”

But it was after the war when the 10-year-old Schmidt was befriended by a British occupation soldier who was, in civilian life, a popular cartoonist.

“He would look at my sketches and give me feedback,” Schmidt said. “I think that probably influenced me to develop an interest in art.”

On the basis of three paintings he did in 5th grade, his teacher promoted him directly to 7th grade. He was not the best of students, he said. “Art, mechanical drawing, and typing kept me going.”

He said he graduated from the Art Institute of Boston in 1959 and worked in commercial art for the next 40 years.

“I had my first one-man show in 1963 in Bedford, Massachusetts,” he said.

He went on to do a number of art shows over the years, and he taught art in high school for nine years.

Schmidt has worked in all the traditional art media—oils, acrylics, watercolors, and charcoal, he said. “But getting involved in computer art opened my mind to new possibilities,” he added. “It also did wonders for my health, both spiritually and physically.”

He listed what he called the “wonderful things about computer art.” He likes the instant correct feature. “If some part of your picture doesn’t work, you take it out and start over on just that part,” he said. “You don’t have to redo the whole picture.”

Schmidt also likes the fact that there is no drying time, as in oils, acrylics and watercolors.
“In computer art, there are no ‘can’t do’s,’” he said.

Posted by: Ryan Henry on Oct 05, 07 | 1:23 pm | Profile
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